In the world of celebrities and high popularity, it is common to marry without much thinking about it and then getting divorced shortly after. But why it is so and what makes these things happen is not that hard to determine. It is the search for more fame and publicity that these people are craving for.

Kim Kardashian is a famous example for that, her marriage to Kris Humphries lasted only 72 days, back in 2011 when she still was not that known. But an escort will tell you this is still not a record because Britney Spears and Jason Alexander had their marriage going for only 55 hours. What could even go wrong in a little longer than 2 days and shouldn’t they have been on their honeymoon?

What are the biggest scandals of 2016?

The appealing escorts you will meet on EROS can tell you a few things that will bring 2016 into the history of scandalous years. First of them on a very long list are the Presidential Election scandals, which involve both of the main competitors. The biggest one on Donald Trump’s behalf was his comment during an interview about dealing with hot women, and saying ‘I just grab her by the bleep.’

During all of that mess, the beautiful escorts can reveal you that Hillary Clinton made sure he contributes as well. All of her confidential e-mails somehow leaked and later proved that she has been lying about several things during her campaign. Taylor Swift also made an impact by commenting on Kanye’s lyric ‘I made that bitch famous’ in a negative connotation. Later Kim, yes the one from earlier, released an audio tape where Taylor explicitly allows Kanye to use her name. Ryan Lochte lied as well, while Brad and Angelina divorced. Gigi mocked Melania Trump, Johnny Depp was accused, and Kim got robbed. What a year!

More scandals and short marriages that you may not even know about

A gorgeous escort like those from  will disclose to you that the famous Mario Lopes was once married for only 2 weeks to Ali Landry, but the interesting thing about their whole situation is somehow different. Mario admitted only hours before the marriage that he cheated just two weeks ago on Ali. However, they decided to get married and showed that such a marriage cannot last more than 15 days. Escorts can reveal that Drew Barrymore had even two short marriages. It seems like she has more time on her hands than it is healthy. The longer one lasted 9 months, and the one with Jeremy Thomas was a thing for only 39 days.

You can even speak with your splendid escort about Pamela Anderson. She is not standing without any divorces as well, and her situation is even worse than the one of Drew. The first one lasted for 4 months, and it was with Kid Rock – the reason for the divorce: a terrible Thanksgiving. The other one was with Rick Salomon and this one lasted for whole 2 months, so maybe the next one will be either one or eight, who knows.

After all of this, not even the most stunning escorts could tell you more. Just take your family closer, and never follow these people, even though their behavior made them millions. Maybe you actually should follow them, but after making sure that everyone is watching.